RVE 231: How to Buy a Blog with Debra & Barry Benton

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Last week, Liz Wilcox shared the process of how to build, package, and sell a blog. This week, as promised, we are sharing the other side of the story: how to buy a blog.

Debra and Barry Benton—who we met on the road a few years ago—saw Liz’s post in our RVE Facebook group that she wanted to sell her blog and jumped on the opportunity. In this episode, they share why they wanted to buy a blog and the process they went through to finalize the sale.

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In this episode, Heath, Debra & Barry cover: 

  • Debra and Barrys initial plan for hitting the road
  • Pros and cons to buying a blog
  • What the diligence process looked like
  • The value of hiring a lawyer to negotiate on your behalf
  • Create incentives for the seller to stick around to help you transition

You can follow Debra and Barry at Thevirtualcampground.com or on Instagram at @thevirtualcampground.