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RVE 230: How to Sell a Blog (from start to finish) with Liz Wilcox

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The photo above is the exact moment Liz sold out she sold her 100th course—while she was hanging out with friends at our RV Entrepreneur Summit, her business was churning in the background.

We had Liz on the show back on episode 164 talking about how to get your blog or business to stand out and I’m excited to bring her back to share the saga of how she sold her blog.

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One thing that I know we’ve talked about many times before on the show is the importance of treating a blog as a business and that’s something that Liz did from day one. She wanted it to be a business and she knew she wanted to sell it.

In this episode, she shares:

  • The process of getting started
  • Her initial start and vision (and how it changed)
  • Her multiple income streams as she tried to make money
  • Separating her blog from her personal life to make it easier to sell
  • How she ultimately packaged up her blog to be sold.

One big thing I learned listening to Liz that I didn’t know was that she actually sold her blog in our RV Entrepreneur FB group. And she’s not the first person to sell a business in our FB group which Liz talks more about in this interview. That was super cool and fun for us to hear.

Liz shares so. many. helpful resources in this episode worth bookmarking. I’ve linked them all below for your reference!

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

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