RVE 227: Theresé Teaches Yoga for RVers

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Theresé’s corporate job was stressing her out.

Between working full time and teaching fitness on the side, her schedule was packed. And when her doctor recommended yoga to help her de-stress, Theresé was adamantly against it. She hated her first class. And the second. And the third. But in the fourth class something changed. Six months later she was teaching yoga. 

After teaching in person, Theresé took her practice on the road, almost immediately seeing the need for yoga for RVers. Between physical activities like hiking and exploring and sedentary activities like long drive days, Theresé felt her body need yoga after a long day. She started teaching yoga classes at RV events and teaching private classes to travelers.

In this episode, Heath and Theresé talk about:

  • The “tape reel” and what you’re telling yourself and limiting beliefs as an entrepreneur 
  • The power of setting your intentions and goals regularly
  • How Theresé took her practice on the road
  • Creating a loyal following
  • How to get started with yoga 🧘‍♀️ 
  • 6 easy stretches to do whenever you pull over on drive days
  • Breathing exercises and meditations you can do behind the wheel
  • Adapting in-person classes during COVID 😷 
  • How a sense of community helps you work out more consistently 

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You can request more information at [email protected].

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