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RVE 211: How to be flexible, outsource, and find freedom as an entrepreneur

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Paige loves the law. She’s been working in the industry for over 20 years, but once she made it to the top—general counsel—she suddenly realized that she made it to where she wanted to be. And now she was free to pursue something else. She didn’t hate her job, she just wanted something a little less conventional.

Sitting in Italy eating cannoli and sipping a cappuccino…sounds like the perfect way to think up your new business idea, doesn’t it?

Wanting to find a way to spend more time in Italy, Paige came up with an idea: start a lawyer translation business. It’s something I’ve never thought of before, but there’s a need in the industry for reliable translations of legal documents. What if I decide to buy a campground in Iceland and need the contract translated to Icelandic? Paige at Online Legal Translations can handle it (from her van or from her home in Italy).

But she didn’t just jump into business on her own.

She wisely started as a side hustle, finding other translation agencies and offering to do translations to Spanish and Italian. Then she started reaching out to her network and freelancing on her own. And then she had too much work and not enough time to explore (the RV entrepreneur’s dilemma!).

So she got advice from colleagues who encouraged her to start her own agency. So Online Legal Translations was born with its own unique selling point—all of her translators are lawyers. Now she could go beyond just Spanish and Italian to dozens of languages. Even Serbian. Albanian. Indonesian. Norwegian.

In this episode, Paige shares her journey starting and growing her legal translation business over the past four years. Heath & Paige talk about:

  • Why it’s important that all Paige’s contractors are attorneys
  • What projects Paige loves to work on and what projects she has to turn away
  • The one tool Paige needs to work from anywhere
  • How to be a minimalist with your work
  • How Paige has learned how to be flexible, outsource, and find freedom as an entrepreneur

Being a lawyer is one of those jobs that I didn’t think traveled well, especially when you need specific certifications and licenses for different states or countries. But Paige found a way to still do what she loves and travel the world. I love her business because it shows that with a little creativity, any business can be a work-from-anywhere business.

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