RVE 205: How to Start a Campground (with Eric & Jay’s RV Resort)

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Five years ago, oil was booming in Texas. And with the boom came oil workers and their RVs. Sites in the area without full hookups were going for $450/month and Eric instantly saw the business potential.

Eric owns a mortgage company in Houston and once he enough money in the bank, he found partners to invest in a new RV resort.

One that has been forwarded to us by everyone we know after it was featured in Business Insider (because it’s modern and gorgeous in a way that you NEVER see at RV parks).

In this episode, Heath interviews Eric from Eric & Jay’s RV Resort on how they built and started a luxury RV park in Houston, Texas.

But before we get into the heart of this interview, we wanted to give a campground update of our own!

As you may know, we’ve had our hearts set on starting a campground of our own for the past few years. Most of the time, this dream has been on the back burner while we traveled abroad—learrning about holiday parks in New Zealand and campeggios in Italy.

But in 2020, we planned an epic tour of the best campgrounds in the country.

And then, you know.

So instead of touring the best campgrounds in the country, we chose one state to explore this year as we shopped for our own campground. We visited a dozen parks and haven’t quite found the perfect park yet.

But we’ve learned A TON.

And we’ve been actively talking to campground owners about what it takes to truly make an RV park incredible. (Which we talk about in this podcast episode!)