RVE 203: Building a Profitable Graphic Design Side Hustle

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Please note: This episode was actually recorded in January 2020 and was supposed to be released in March, but then I took that six-month COVID break from the show. So you’ll hear some dated references to winter, our upcoming RVE Summit, and RVE Junior.

Brandon, his wife, and his two kids were house shopping when they took an unexpected hard pivot. Now they’ve been RVing full-time since 2015 and even added a third kid to the mix!

It all started when Brandon was working full-time and building up freelance work as a graphic designer. He noticed people being let go and started working more and more hours on the side so that when he was eventually let go from his job, he could seamlessly transition to client work.

How do you manage a full-time job and a side hustle and two kids at home?

“It just came down to less sleep,” say Brandon. (And every other parent ever.)

In this podcast episode, Heath and Brandon talk about a lot of the changes that come with taking your family on the road and having a baby on the road. Things like:

  • Why RVing has helped Brandon’s daughter come out of her shell
  • How much easier it is to make friends as travelers than in “normal life”
  • Fulltime Families and how it’s a must for any RVing family

As well as diving into the business stuff like:

  • Using the retainer model for clients and how it improved the work Brandon could produce
  • How keeping clients on retainer means never taking a week off
  • How Brandon determined his pricing model
  • Figuring out how many clients he could manage at one time
  • One of the struggles of growing this style of business

After years of client-based work, Brandon opened an Amazon store with print-on-demand products to supplement his client work. AKA he found a way to take his graphic design skills and earn passive income on one of the world’s biggest e-commerce sites. Be sure to listen to the end of this episode for Brandon’s three tips on how to be successful on Amazon.

Check out Brandon’s Amazon store, Nomadic Souls Gear & Apparel. You can connect with Brandon at [email protected] or follow his family on Instagram @cavesofwander.

Want to learn more about setting up a book on print-on-demand with Amazon? Check out our RV Entrepreneur School.