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RVE 194: Don’t Ditch the 9-5 to Work a 9-9

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We don’t ditch the 9-5 to work 9-9 in our little offices.

How do you build a business that supports your family while also leaving enough room to live the RV lifestyle? That’s the question Dani asked when she saw other entrepreneurs posting Instagram photos of their laptops in pretty places but complaining about how overwhelmed they were with their business.

After opening business after business, Dani realized the thing that she was best at, the thing that lit her up, was the process of starting, building, and streamlining her business. Now Dani helps entrepreneurs develop processes so they can spend less time working, and more time living.

This episode is a bit of a kick in the butt for anyone who feels like they are doing everything in their business and is maybe struggling to loosen the reins and let someone else pick up the slack (AKA Alyssa & I). If you’ve ever thought about outsourcing or finding ways to work fewer hours, this episode with Dani is a must-listen.

What we talk about in this episode:

  • Dani’s serial entrepreneurship and how she “couldn’t follow through” with her many businesses
  • How Dani sold her web hosting business in our RV Entrepreneur Facebook group
  • What types of businesses lend themselves well to systems
  • Defining what you want your work to look like
  • How to decide what work is worth your time (and how to systemize, outsource, or nix the rest)

Links mentioned in this episode:

You can connect with Dani over at Simplified Business Systems or on Instagram @bigfamilyminimalist.