RVE 191: What channels can drive the most revenue for your business?

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“See what’s working, and then double-click on it.”

Joel Holland bought Harvest Hosts in 2018 and in under two years he has grown it dramatically (I recommend going back to episode 157 before you listen to this one if you haven’t heard it). In this episode, we are diving into marketing strategies.

When you buy or start a new company, it’s hard to know where you should focus your time and energy. Product development? Customer relations? Rapid growth?

For Joel, he spent a good portion of time spending thousands of dollars (willingly) testing marketing strategies to grow his customer base. We cover three main strategies in depth during our conversation:

  1. Advertising on sites like Facebook and Google
  2. Affiliate programs
  3. And content marketing

I learned a lot from Joel in this episode but I especially like what he said in the last four minutes of the interview about why focusing on profitability alone may not be a good strategy. Definitely listen to the end for that one.

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