RVE 190: How to sell an idea before your product is ready (and then keep on selling when it is)

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I’m back!

Alyssa here taking over the podcast for our fourth episode of the Start Up Series starring the one and only Heath Padgett (JK there are multiple Heath Padgetts according to Facebook, but mine is the coolest).

So far we’ve covered product development, partnerships, and pricing. Now that we’ve got a product, a team, and a pricing model, it’s time to start selling. In this episode, we dive deep into sales and marketing strategies for Campground Booking.

What we talk about in this episode:

  • Getting the first customer
  • The two main strategies for finding customers
  • When Heath needed to hire someone for sales
  • What a typical sales cycle is like now
  • How much it costs to acquire one customer
  • And Heath’s 2020 goal for the company

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