RVE 189: How We More than Quadrupled Our Revenue by Changing Our Pricing Model

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“Pricing is hard.”

It’s a sentence I’ve heard from many entrepreneurs including Heath. It’s also a question you probably have before starting your first-ever business? How do you price your product? How do you price yourself?

In today’s podcast episode, there are so many nuggets of wisdom for Heath as he shares his own pricing mistakes. Actually, he mostly shares his pricing mistakes in this episode from quoting for his first-ever freelance project to the time we were paid less than minimum wage on a film project because we were so clueless on pricing. Good times.

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Before we jump in there are two acronyms Heath throws out in this episode you might want to know:

KPI: key performance indicator

MRR: monthly recurring revenue

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What else we talk about in this episode:

  • Campground Booking’s existing pricing model
  • How the company couldn’t sustain without a price change
  • Why Heath doesn’t regret flipflopping on his pricing strategy
  • Heath’s first time pricing anything (AKA when he accidentally priced himself at under $10/hour)
  • How Heath would approach pricing yourself for your first freelance gig

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