Make money as a musician on the road with Chuck and Michelle

RVE 166: How to Make Money as A Musician on the Road with the Status Crowes

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make money as a musicianOn this episode, I’m interviewing Chuck and Michelle from the Status Crowes. We first met them a few years ago at our first RV Entrepreneur Summit and since then they have hit the road full-time in an RV and booked shows all across the country. Chuck and Michelle LOVE making music and perform around 60 shows a year on the road. Since leaving the L.A. area to travel full-time, they have grown their fan base and learned to navigate the long-term touring musician lifestyle.

How to make money as a musician on the road is a topic that pops up sometimes in our Facebook group, so I knew Chuck and Michelle would be the perfect people to speak on this subject and offer advice to other musicians.

What we talk about in this episode:

  • How to book shows on the road (and how to find the best gigs)
  • What to say when you reach out to venues
  • Streams of income for musicians
  • What to charge venues for performances
  • How to use community to build a fan base on the road

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