Stand out and get noticed

RVE 164: How to Stand Out and Get Noticed with Ed and Liz Wilcox

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On today’s episode, I am talking with Ed & Liz Wilcox, who I met at our first RV Entrepreneur Summit back in 2017.

A few years ago, Liz and Ed had no intentions of jumping into RV life but when they needed to make a sudden move and didn’t want to buy a house, RV life suddenly became the easiest option.

Today, Ed works as an RV mechanic—something he learned after leaving the Army—and Liz runs a blog called the Virtual Campground that if you’re in our Facebook group, you’ve probably heard of.

What we talk about in this episode:

  • Standing out and getting noticed in your community
  • Starting an RV mechanic business
  • Making new connections and finding customers
  • Serving your audience and being consistent

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