RVE 162: Married to Business – Winning Strategies for Couples Working Together

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In today’s episode I’m interviewing my friends Marc and Allowetta of Thin Air, a web design and development company. Marc and Allowetta have been married for 35 years and running a business together for 13 years, so I really wanted to talk to them about working with your spouse (combined with living in such a small space).

They’ve gone through a lot of the hurdles that young couples starting a business will eventually go through and they are just a huge wealth of knowledge on this subject. In fact, they’ve even started a project called Married to Business to help couples succeed at working and living together.

What we talk about in this episode:

  • How to improve communication when working with your spouse
  • How to balance working and living together in a small space
  • Why it’s beneficial to have a third party help make decisions

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