RVE 160: What It’s Like Being a Medical Professional and Full-Time RVing

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Today’s episode is with Kenny and Sabrina from Moving Forward Adventures. Before hitting the road last year Kenny was the owner of a vending machine business and Sabrina was a doctor. As a new doctor, Sabrina was working crazy, crazy hours and barely had any time to spend with Kenny.

So she decided to quit her full-time job and become a locum tenens doctor, which is kind of like a substitute teacher… but as a doctor (or at least the way I understand it).

Hospitals all over the country are always in desperate need of physicians, so they hire locum tenens doctors to come in and help out. She started getting calls from hospitals all over the country, but jumping on a ton of flights and spending time away from home was tough. So they decided (like so many other people on this podcast), why not buy an RV and travel in between jobs and spend more time with each other.

What we talk about in this episode:

  • How Kenny and Sabrina transitioned their life into an RV and find balance while traveling between hospitals
  • What Kenny learned in the process of selling his vending machine business
  • What they are up to now with YouTube channel for Moving Forward Adventures and Beyond the Wheel podcast

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