RVE 157: Fighting Against Burnout as an Entrepreneur

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One of the biggest struggles of starting your own company is facing burnout. As entrepreneurs, we love what we do and are willing to work crazy hours. In this episode, I talk with Joel Holland about burnout and how to avoid it.

Joel is the CEO of Harvest Hosts and former CEO and founder of Storyblocks, a 100 person company focused on providing high-quality stock media footage. After growing Story Blocks to millions in revenue, Joel sold his shares, stepped down as CEO and started RVing across the country. 

I’ve gotten to know Joel this year as a fellow RVer and since he acquired Harvest Hosts, which is one of our favorite camping memberships. Harvest Hosts has over 1000 locations across the country where you can camp for free on farms, microbreweries and wineries.

avoid burnout as an entrepreneur
Here’s one of our favorite Harvest Hosts stops from last year.

What we talk about in this episode:

  • Dealing with burnout as CEO
  • How Joel 10x’d his company’s revenue in one year
  • Crafting your legacy (what Joel calls his “tombstone” framework”)

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