RVE 156: How to Stand Out Against the Competition and Navigate Extended RV Warranties

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If you buy an RV, you’ll want a warranty. We made full use of our warranty during our first year of owning our Winnebago and I wish we would’ve known you could buy extended RV warranties to protect us on the road.

Today on the podcast I’m interviewing Jeff Shelton, who is the CEO of Wholesale Warranties (affiliate link). Wholesale Warranties is a direct to consumer provider of extended RV warranties. So if you’re not buying a brand new RV, they will do everything from inspect your RV, carry your roadside assistance and also cover almost every mechanical component in your RV that could break on the road (jacks, slides, etc).

A few things we talk about on this episode:

  • Why it’s better to just get started with your business and make adjustments, rather than overthinking everything
  • How to deal with negative online reviews
  • And the importance of avoiding toxic customers at all costs

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