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RVE 137: How to Start a Photography Business for Less than $3k

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how to start a photography business

Today on the show I’m bringing back on a couple of guests who I had on the podcast a couple years ago — Kathy and Peter Holcombe.

Kathy and Peter are two of the most adventurous people I’ve ever met. In the past two years they’ve kayaked the entire Grand Canyon (twice) with their 14-year-old daughter Abby, built an incredible photography business working with brands like Jackson Kayaks, Winnebago, GoPro, and they spend over 300 days/year out on the water kayaking while traveling full-time in their Winnebago View.

I interviewed them WAY back on episode 12 about why they transitioned their photography studio in Boulder, CO to an RV. In this episode, I dig into the weeds with them on how you can actually start your own photography business, find clients, build a portfolio and get noticed.

What I took away most in this interview was how the Holcombe’s were able to get a foot in with the largest wedding venues in Colorado when they were first getting started. So many people in their position just buy an ad on Wedding Wire and then wonder why their business isn’t growing. But by spending less money and being creative/thoughtful, the Holcombes found a way to actually get noticed and build meaningful relationships that 10X’d their photography business.

A few other things we cover in this episode are:

  • Why you should treat photography as a business from the beginning
  • How to build relationships where your ideal client will be (i.e. wedding venues)
  • Ways to make a great impression with potential partners through creative promotions

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