Paul Angone - Asking Great Questions

RVE 135: The Importance of Asking Great Questions (Make Me Feel Dumb Pt 3)

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On today’s episode, I’m continuing the “Make Me Feel Dumb” series that I started this past fall.

The whole idea behind this series was to bring guests onto the podcast who could challenge me (and hopefully you) in a particular area. A couple of those guests so far have been Nathan Barry, founder of ConvertKit, and Michelle Schroeder, one of the top financial bloggers on the internet.

These aren’t necessarily guests living nomadic, but they’re experts in subjects that help us build relevant skills for growing a business or taking our lives on the road.

On today’s third “Make Me Feel Dumb” episode, I’m interviewing a good friend and author — Paul Angone. Paul authored the best selling book “101 Secrets for Your 20’s” and I asked him to be on the podcast today to talk about the importance of asking challenging questions — both in our business and lives.

A few other things we cover in this episode are:

  • How to make sure that you are making progress in the right direction
  • The power of Pinterest in viral blog posts
  • What to do when you get stuck in OCD (obsessive comparison disorder)

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