campervanning in New Zealand

RVE 130: Q&A About Campervanning in New Zealand

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I’m recording today’s episode with Alyssa from our little freedom camping site in New Zealand. This is the trip we’ve been prepping for these past few months — our first time to go RVing abroad! On today’s test drive, I want to talk about what it’s like campervanning in a different country.

In today’s episode, we answer these questions:

  • What rules of the road have you had to adjust to?
  • What is different about the cost and availability of facilities — water, bathrooms, dump stations, etc. in New Zealand vs. the U.S.? Has that (or anything else) changed how you use the facilities in your campervan?
  • What has been the most difficult thing about campervanning in New Zealand?
  • How is the wifi situation in NZ?
  • How is your travel schedule different? How much do you plan ahead? How long do you stay in each place? How far do you travel in a day?
  • How does this first experience make you feel about trying to RV in other countries?

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