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On today’s episode, I’m interviewing Katie and Eric from, a blog and online store dedicated to helping inspire people to create the environment they’ve always dreamed through a combination of lifestyle and design.

Katie and Eric live out that mission through a mixture of the content they post on their blog and her thriving printables business. A few years ago before their wedding, Katie put her background in design to use when she created her own custom wedding invitation. She uploaded the design of her wedding invitations to her blog and people loved it. They loved it so much they started asking her to make modifications to the invitation.

She started to realize if people loved her custom wedding invitation graphic so much, maybe there would be a business around creating printable designs that anyone could print and use. So she started creating printables for weddings and really anything that inspired her and as her blog and reach grew, so did people who loved her designs.

In today’s episode, we talk about:

  • Using life-changing events as an opportunity to evaluate your life and follow your passions
  • Creating a passive income stream through printables or other digital products
  • Rebranding your website to capture a different market (and what happens after)
  • Determining the right time to put ads on your website

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