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RVE 120: How Andy Built & Monetized the Largest Online RV Community

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In this episode, I’m interviewing Andy Robinowitz from Social Knowledge LLC.

Back in 2002, Andy bought an Airstream and like most people — decided to overhaul it and do a renovation. While renovating it he was hoping to share photos of what he was working on with his online community, but there was only one problem — the Yahoo forum he was a part of wouldn’t allow him to attach photos.

So, he decided to start his own forum and called it Airstream Forums. Because everyone loves to see RV renovation photos, his forum quickly grew to thousands of members and with its success Andy was able to turn it into a business — by monetizing the traffic via ads.

He moved to a country where he could live more inexpensively while the business was just getting started and after he learned how to run one forum, he received an offer to buy another one, and then another one and so on.

Today, Andy has built and monetized the largest online RV community through his reach via forums and media-based websites, which are in the millions of members. In the RV industry alone, he owns popular websites like RV Park Reviews, RV Life Magazine, DIY RV, and others.

In today’s episode, we talk about how Andy:

  • Started that first forum and grew it’s member base
  • How he learned that buying websites was easier than starting them
  • And the processes and systems he’s put in place for his business to succeed

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