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RVE 119: How to Validate Your Idea and Find Your Product Market Fit

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Today on the podcast, I’m interviewing Ashis Bhattacharya. Ashis is the VP of Planning and Development at Winnebago and I wanted to have him on the podcast because he’s just this wealth of knowledge when it comes to engaging consumers, understanding customer behavior, and just so many things when it comes to business.

One piece of feedback that I’ve received from you guys has just been that you really like digging into the practical advice, such as Alyssa and Kelsey’s episode about Pinterest or my interview with Adam about taxes for RV Entrepreneurs. Your feedback showed that you guys really love those types of episodes, so I wanted to dig deeper into the topic of how to validate your idea and find your product market fit in this episode with Ashis.

A few things we talk about in this episode:

  • Why you should celebrate your wins
  • How to have an entrepreneur mindset as an employee
  • How to test your ideas through market research and listening to your customers
  • When a business acquisition makes sense for your company

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  • It would be fascinating to do some customer research on the #1 concern. I’d bet money that a ten-year warranty would burn down every other RV manufacturer. AND they’d have to build a better product, to support it.

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