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RVE 109: Learning How to Make $5k/Month in Blog Revenue

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A couple months ago I decided to do something scary. I decided to ask a few really smart people to audit our current strategies across the business, critique them, and give advice on what we could be doing better in a recorded coaching call.

This is the second episode in the series I’m calling Make Me Feel Dumb.

In this episode, I invited Michelle Schroeder (Making Sense of Cents) onto the podcast to talk about how to make $5k/month in blog revenue. Michelle teaches Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, the course that has helped us take our affiliate income from $20/month to thousands of dollars a month (and growing!). Michelle has given us an exclusive $28 discount on the course when you use the code RVENTREPRENEUR at check out.

A few other things we cover in this episode:

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