RVE 009: Technomadia on Mobile Internet, Self-Driving RV’s, and the Nomadic Career

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“I was afraid of being perceived as a moocher (or a taker), because I’m not. I’m a giver. And I was so afraid of being perceived as someone who was dropping out of society and who is trying to work the welfare system or medicaid or social handouts. I thought I had something to prove that being a nomad you could also be a career person and be successful and be perceived as someone who is still a contributive member of society … and I think we’ve over done it.” – Cherie Ve Ard

Ten years ago when Cherie and Chris from hit the road they felt like they had something to prove. It wasn’t common for people to live in RV’s and work full-time. It was a time before the internet was super accessible and things like Twitter weren’t really around yet.

The word “tech-nomad” wasn’t something people had ever heard before. Essentially, it meant someone who traveled full-time who also worked in technology. It was a brand new idea, a word which they have provided meaning for through their work and travel.

After being on the road for two years, Cherie and Chris finally met someone who was in their 30’s who was living a similar kind of lifestyle. They were ecstatic to meet someone else who lived and worked from an RV. Then they started to meet more and more “tech-nomads” and over the past decade they’ve witnessed an entire movement of digital nomads who live in RV’s and travel the country.

On Episode #9 of The RV Entrepreneur I sat down with Technomadia to talk about how the nomadic career and how they stay connected while boon-docking and staying in national parks.

We also go down a few different rabbit holes that may or may not include self-driving and electric RV’s.

If you’ve never heard of Technomadia, they keep a blog at and they wrote a book called The Mobile Internet Handbook. They’ve also been advisors to companies like RVillage and Xscapers, developed several of their own apps, and been at this RV lifestyle thing for longer than most.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How to stay connected on the road, get unlimited data by Verizon, and have 4G service wherever you camp
  • Why if you stink at work-life balance in normal suburban life you’ll stink at that balance on the road
  • How in the RV lifestyle you have ultimate control over how much money you spend on a monthly basis
  • What it means to live from abundance instead of living from scarcity
  • What problems in the RV industry can be solved with technology
  • Self driving and electric RV’s
  • How the landscape of full-time RVers has shifted
  • What you lose (and gain) when making the transition into living, working and traveling in an RV
  • A huge mistake a lot of people make when buying their first RV

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