Starting a Virtual Assistant Business on the road

RVE 008: Starting a Virtual Assistant Business on the Road

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Hey! Welcome to episode number 8 of The RV Entrepreneur Podcast. In today’s episode I sat down to talk with Bryanna and Craig to learn how they’ve built up a successful virtual assistant business on the road. 

There are a butt load of ways to make money while traveling. But I believe one of the more accessible and sensible options is starting a virtual assistant business.


Becoming a virtual assistant means… well, exactly what the title implies. You are a “virtual” assistant. The name of the job title literally means you don’t have to be there in-person. If you are trying to figure out a way to build up an income on the road, you are going to enjoy today’s episode.

For the past two years Craig and Bryanna have been traveling around the US with their four kids and two dogs. They initially left home with $25,000 in a savings account, a dream to full-time travel, and Craig’s income from his previous job (where they allowed him to work remote). After spending a few months on the road, they realized that Craig working at the table in the RV for 8-9 hours a day while Bryanna went out and played with the kids wasn’t a fun way to travel.

Bryanna took an online course and decided to start up a virtual assistant business so they could be more flexible and actually enjoy a lifestyle of travel. Because if you exchange being chained to a desk in an office to being chained to the desk inside of your RV, what’s the point?

In this episode we talk about:

  • Of all the businesses to start on the road, why Bryanna decided to start a VA business
  • How she landed her first client (and I highly recommend using her strategy)
  • How travel forces you to have more “highs and lows”, instead of living in a “numb middle”
  • How to get started if you want to launch your own VA business on the road
  • Why you should ask your boss if you can work remote, even if you think they might say no

Links and resources we mention in this episode: