Mandy Holesh

RVE 0072: Should You Pay Off Debt Before You Start Traveling?

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Today on the podcast, I am interviewing Mandy Holesh, a wedding photographer, fashion blogger, and as of recently– a jewelry designer.  Mandy travels in a 5th wheel with her husband Kevin, who I interviewed back on episode 10, as well as Grizzly, Nimbus, Luna, and Foxey, the furry friends of the Holesh family.

A few things we talk about on this episode:

  • Should debt keep you from your dream of travel?
  • Transitioning your business for the road and starting new projects
  • Nurturing relationships, battling loneliness, and ways to keep in touch with friends and family on the road
  • How to spend $0 on camping while experiencing the most beautiful parts of America

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Links mentioned on this episode:

Quotes from this episode:

“Marriage is a team effort.  It’s something that you do together all the time.”

“I really hope that people start to recognize how addicting phones are and how addicting it is just being inside and watching TV.  It’s so safe.  You know?  Where is the fun in that?  Are you going to look back on your life and say ‘I’m really glad that I watched that show on Netflix’.”

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4 Responses

  • 1. Cover art looks fab.
    2. I agree about social media. I was off 100% (no Facebook, twitter, snapchat, insta, etc!) before I started my website and jumping back in was very overwhelming, like gave me migraines, no joke. Still trying to find ways to balance being available and not be addicted while I grow my business.
    3. I want to be this girl’s friend. No reason to be lonely!!
    4. Congrats and good luck with your jewelry business.

    • Haha I can TOTALLY see you and Mandy going on. It would be like non-stop laughter.

  • Mandy mentioned during the podcast about a “BLM book” to help with boondocking. Any idea how to find that book? We spent 2 weeks last month in Arizona and Utah where we got a true taste of boondocking (by chance) which we loved. A “BLM Book” would be a great help. Thanks! And keep up the great podcasts!

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