RVing in Mexico

RVE 007: RVing in Mexico and Intentionally Building Community

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I’ve never considered the idea of RVing in Mexico, but in episode number seven of The RV Entrepreneur I sat down to talk with Paul Kortman. Paul is currently boon docking his RV on a beach in Mexico with his family of six while he runs his digital marketing agency.

In this episode of The RV Entrepreneur We Talk About:

rving in mexico
A view from the inside of Paul’s RV. They are literally parked on a beach on Mexico. He said their RV has a crazy amount of sand currently filling it up.
  • The truth about RVing in Mexico
  • How Paul and his family “fell into the location independent lifestyle” after running his company from his basement for three years.
  • The easiest way to start making location independent income
  • What Paul considers “successful” in his location independent lifestyle
  • Why people think I’m crazy when I tell them I launched an RV podcast
  • Why it’s important to be intentional about building up a community while on the road
  • The big misconception people have about living and traveling in an RV

Resources and Links We Mentioned in this Episode

Working from the RV
Paul working and one of his kids passed out underneath the table.

Working on the Road Q&A

RVing in Mexico
Paul and his family (and a couple friends on the left).

What do you guys do for Health Insurance on the road?

Christian Health sharing.

What’s Your Monthly Budget on the road?


What kind of RV did you choose and why?

We chose a Class A motorhome. The reason for getting into a motorhome was so the kids could travel and use the bathroom while we were driving. We just couldn’t find the layout in another rig for a family, most of the Class C’s weren’t powerful enough and the price for what you get is just crazy. Only regret is not going diesel.

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Also, I want to thank Paul for taking the time to be with me on the show!

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