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RVE 0068: Building an Email List While Traveling: How to Get Your First 1k Subscribers

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Today on the podcast, I am interviewing Tim Paige.  Tim is a voice actor who has done work for companies like The Travel Channel, Jimmy Kimmel, UFC, and NBC.  Also, for the past three years he has been the producer and host of a podcast called ConversionCast, a podcast documenting an Inc. 500 company called Leadpages, which has built one of the largest and fastest growing start-ups in the country.  Tim is currently in the planning stages of transitioning into RV life.

While Tim isn’t a full-time RVer yet, he has a ton of expertise in the area of email marketing, why it’s still relevant, and how to take advantage of it to sell your products or build in automation while you’re on the road.

A few things we talk about on this episode:

  • How to increase traffic and email subscribers using services like Leadpages
  • The importance of an starting an email list, why it even matters
  • How to get your first 1,000 subscribers

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Links mentioned on this episode:

Quotes from this episode:

“If you are running any kind of business, you need to have an email list.  There is a lot to be said for being able to reach out to your customers.”

“People want to know that you have proven that you can do something and provide value.  If they see that’s there and you can provide social proof, they are more willing to engage with you.”

“When looking for content to write, get into your Facebook groups and jot down any question that was ever asked.  Those questions show what people care about.”

“What are some serious problems that you have now and what do you see the solutions to those problems being?”

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2 Responses

  • What a great interview. Very relevant for many different businesses, I think. Tim seemed very knowledgeable and I loved how “on topic” you both were. Of course, I knew all about why the email list is important and like you said knew the “instructions” but this has definitely motivated me and got the creative juices flowing at a time when I’ve felt stagnant.

    Right now, my email open rate is an average of 40%, which I’ve learned today is pretty good. (Thank God because I thought it was bloody awful.) I also believe email won’t go away. I spent a lot of time engaging with my list. A few weeks ago while I was on vacation, someone emailed me thinking something bad had happened because I had not responded to an inquiry. I try my very best to keep everyone on the list part of my own personal “virtual camper tribe” and I guess it’s working!

    Great idea with content upgrades! I will be implementing this, for sure. I think the audio version is a perfect idea as an upgrade. Why didn’t I think of that? Right now my opt-in is totally NOT RV related and I NEED to replace it ASAP. My opt-in just for my newsletter converts pretty decently though. I suppose that’s why I haven’t pushed myself to introduce something outside of that.

    My goal now is to get 1000 subscribers by the end of summer. Thanks for hosting a great interview with someone who is clearly confident on his advice. Very motivating. (Sorry for the long comment. Can you tell I’m procrastinating something else???)

    PS. If you could find anyone that makes their living traveling around storytelling/doing stand-up/motivational speeches of some kind, that would be an awesome episode!

    • Hey Liz! 40% is a great open rate. The bigger the list becomes, the more that number tends to drop a bit as more people = less % of opens.

      I’ll keep an eye out for people that fit the bill of speaker/stand up while out on the road!

      Thanks for listening 🙂

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