RVE 0061: What Happens When We Quit RVing?

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The day will come.

In this short episode I talk about what happens the day we decide to quit this whole RV life. What happens to all the work we’ve put into this community, our blog, and everything else?


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  • I think it sounds like you guys really worked it out and discussed some great points. You guys are why we read your blog posts and listen to your podcast. Yes started for RV.. stay because of you guys.

      • You are very welcome. Glad Heath realized arguing when you had scissors in hand was not very smart. =) Hahaha.

          • Very welcome. That will the success of all of this for y’all. Creating great content is one piece of the pie but the bigger piece? Is you two. This one guy is VERY informative and has lots of videos on products for RVing and his life…but man.. poor guy reminds me of listenting to Ben Stien doing a dry eyes commercial I did three and couldn’t even fathom of hitting subscribe or watching more.

  • Really enjoyed the format which is similar to when you two were flying solo for a few days. My only constructive feedback is if there is a way to balance the volume between the conversation and narration.

    Great topic too! I’ve stressed over names far too long and finally purchased kevinrstrauss.com.
    Cheers, Kevin

    • Hey Kevin, totally agree on the audio. I compressed it, but still was a huge difference and a little obstructive for listening. Will try and do better next time I record on the fly.

  • Letting us in on your relationship dynamics and your personal growth is a dimension of RVing that is in the closet. We as traveling partners and sweethearts have unique opportunities for creating amazing relationships. Love to hear that you guys get this and talk about it.

    • I completely agree. I love the way RV families are so connected and committed. It’s a completely different dynamic than what we are used to seeing in the media, and even in real life!

    • I would agree! Not talked about enough, but I love talking about it! It’s probably the biggest thing I want us to talk more about on the blog.

  • Alyssa you are smart to talk to Heath while cutting his hair, and Heath you are smart to realize it was a dangerous time to argue with Alyssa while your head was in her hands! LOL

  • Evidently we share a fascination for what makes RV relationships work. Look forward to hearing more of your relationship dynamics. You might be interested in my blog just launched today. More fascinating to me than my career or just about anything else I’ve done in my life has been what is possible when 2 people focus on what happens between them. RVing puts our relationships under a microscope whether we are fascinated by getting along or not! I hope I can get lively conversations going with other RV couples on the subject. Let me know what you think. theartofrvharmony.com

  • Heath,
    For several months I have struggled with picking a name for my blog. After reading one too many blog posts about naming a blog I developed “analysis paralysis” and decided to procrastinate some more. Thanks for sharing your experiences on the Podcast. You have convinced me to focus more on the content for the blog and less on the name.

    Keep delivering excellent content on the Podcast and I will keep listening.


    • Thank you Thomas, really appreciate it. I’ve definitely been there and glad this episode was helpful.

  • A lot of travel bloggers will eventually outsource their content, when they stop travelling. The blog still has the same character as when they were personally travelling, but they shift into more of a content *curator*, instead of a content *creator*, and people continue to read it because they know that the character is the same and the content will likely resonate just as much in the future as they did in the past, even though the writers may change. That would be an argument for branding as RV Entrepreneur, where you guys may not be RVing anymore but you accept content from people *like* you. When you guys stop RVing, you might want to shift the old RV content to that and continue Heath and Alyssa for whatever your new adventure is. And of course SEO, who cares what you’re doing if the right people can’t find it? For example, I found the podcast by searching for RV podcasts on itunes. Now I follow Heath and Alyssa and read blog posts because I like the podcast, but I never would have read a Heath and Alyssa blog on its own. I tend to find personal branding blogs boring and self-aggrandizing, but I like yours because it has a good balance of useful information and personal authenticity.

    • Very interesting thoughts Michela and also glad you were able to listen in on the convo as far as branding goes. I struggle a bit with the personal branding thing to because I like the idea something being “bigger than us”… you know? That being said, we have lots of projects that are now falling under us (i.e CampgroundBooking, RV Entrepreneur, etc) so I’m still getting some of my fill with those new sub brands — if you will. It’s also Friday evening at 5 so I don’t know if this comment made any sense. Thanks for listening to the podcast anyway!

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