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RVE 0055: Redefining Rules for Success and Finding Your Flow with Jill Sessa (Part 2)

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Today on the podcast is another live recording from the RV Entrepreneur Summit with Jill Sessa.  In this episode, Jill talks about finding your flow, how she turns on the tap of client work while she’s out on the road and has multiplied herself through hiring out virtual assistants in her business.

Jill is a solo RVer and entrepreneur who runs Ultimate WP Help, a WordPress maintenance company, from the road.  Jill was featured on the podcast back in Episode 17.

A few things we talk about on this episode:

  • “Turning on the tap” – build a business with your values in mind
  • Communicating your travel schedule with your clients
  • Creating the multiplier effect – how to outsource effectively and build your team
  • Investing in connectivity – with your travel and your business

Watch Jill’s talk on Facebook Live:

Skip to 17:20 to watch Jill’s presentation

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2 Responses

  • This was an amazing talk, it literally makes me want to follow everything Jill does. I travel internationally all of the time and have also given a lot of thought to, no offense guys, but going out of my way to pay women in low income countries because otherwise their income opportunities are so scant and sad. I don’t mean to be offensive to their guests, but I’ve listened to a lot of episodes and while my opinion of the show is favorable, I’m so so so happy to hear a guest who thinks ethically, because sometimes I feel like people are only obsessed with their lifestyles and selling baubles to each other, not picking their head up and looking at the world around them. It’s clear that Jill does that, and I’d consider this one of the best, most engaging episodes I’ve listened to so far, for that reason. It’s really hard to find people who do both, care about the world but also running an effective business, it seems like 90% of the people only think about 1 or the other. It seems like Jill does both, and if I had one request for the show it would be to seek out more social entrepreneurs to talk to.

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