RVE 0050: 12 Things We Learned During the First RV Entrepreneur Summit

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Last week we hosted the first RV Entrepreneur Summit in Fredericksburg, Texas. We met 120 nomadic entrepreneurs, made tons of new friends and were forced outside our comfort zone in a huge way.

If you weren’t able to make it to the RVE Summit in person or watch the Facebook Live stream, in this episode we break down some of the biggest themes and takeaways from the event.

A few things we talk about on this episode:

  • The biggest surprise of hosting a conference for RVers
  • How the RVE Summit made us wish we’d done things differently
  • Our 12 biggest takeaways from attendees and speakers throughout the weekend
  • Whether or not we’ll be hosting another RVE Summit

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  • Was crazy to hear our names when listened to the Podcast. We came with a rough idea about what to do business wise on the road. We wanted to learn from you and all the other RV Entrepreneurs speaking or attending. We came away with affirmation for what we were wanting to do, inspiration to do it and a new group of friends.

    The “What is your purpose?” question posed by Joe Hendricks was our biggest RVE Summit take away. That should be the first question anyone asks themselves. We always knew what it was in our current businesses, not so sure transitioning onto the road. In revisiting and answering that question we now have our purpose with plans defined, name for our ventures, web addresses purchased and much, much more.

    Still a year away being able to hit the road, so a little envious seeing the travels of everyone we met already out there. Do have a 5-6 week trip planned for this summer though to see and photograph the eclipse. Will allow us to further refine our plans while starting to put them into action. Perhaps we will meet up with some of the other attendees along our way. Hope so.

    Very excited and motivated. Thanks Heath and Alyssa for putting the Summit together. It was Awesome!

    • Hey Oscar, loved that question from Joe as well and so great to hear that you guys have honed that purpose. I totally agree that with anything new it’s a “must” to answer that purpose question.

      We are definitely looking forward to our next summit or get together with everyone!


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