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RVE 0047: Less Junk More Journey on Building 40k Youtube Fans in Less Than a Year

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Today on the podcast, I am interviewing Nathan and Marissa from Less Junk More Journey.  Nathan, Marissa, and their daughter Hensley have been RVing around the country for the past year and recently upgraded to a sweet Airstream. In addition to building an insanely popular YouTube channel with 40,000 subscribers (and nearly 6 million views), Marissa is a nurse and Nathan has dabbled in many different ventures, including rental properties and computer repair.

A few things we talk about on this episode:

  • How Nathan and Marissa built a huge Youtube audience in less than one year
  • The importance of optimizing SEO for your videos – keywords and specific phrases
  • Why everyone should start a YouTube channel to document their travels
  • The keys to running an engaging vlog – how to use story, flow, and personality
  • When and how to monetize your Youtube channel?

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Quotes from this episode:

“I looked at travel bloggers to see which ones were good about capturing the story.  That’s a big part of what we do.  It’s more than just throwing up a video.  I try to look for a story of the day or a story for what we are doing.”

“The SEO side is critical if you are going to start a YouTube channel.  Knowing what you want your keywords to be and what you are focusing on.  You don’t want to try to rank for the word “RV”.  You want to have a longer phrase than that.”

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  • Great stuff, Heath! Thanks to all of you for some really good info. We (family of five) are planning to be out there on the road with you full-time in June! (Yeah, I’m definitely scared…and thrilled.)

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