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RVE 0046: Lessons from One Year of Full-Time RVing and Handling Taxes as an RV Entrepreneur

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Today on the podcast, I am interviewing Adam Nubern from and NuVenture CPA.  Adam and his wife Lindsey have been traveling around the country for the last year in Bernadette, their 2009 Casita trailer.  Adam was actually the first guest on the RV Entrepreneur podcast.  You can listen to him and Lindsey talk about financial runways on episode 2 here.

On this episode, I sat down with Adam to answer some tax questions for fulltime RV entrepreneurs.  The information and materials we share in this episode is intended for reference only and is not intended to be a substitute for getting professional advice for your specific tax related needs.  To speak with a profession about your financials, you can find Adam at NuVenture CPA.

A few things we talk about on this episode:

  • The tax differences between running a business from an RV vs. a non-RV business
  • Campground fees, gas, internet, and interest on RV payments – What you can and cannot use as deductions for your RV business
  • Key terms to know when doing your taxes

Example for internet deductions:

Say that you use 128 gb of data in January, but only 100 of that was for business.  Calculate the business percentage (100/128 = 78%).  Do this for the next three months for a total of four averages.  Then average the four amounts.  This is your average percentage of business usage for data each month and this is the percentage of your monthly bill that you can use as a deduction.

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