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RVE 0044: How Jordan is Spending the Year Playing the Top 100 Golf Courses

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This year Jordan is playing Golf Digest’s 100 Top Golf Courses in America.

A few years ago Jordan and Brittany left their jobs in the finance world to pursue their dream jobs — Brittany in professional photography and Jordan in professional golf.

After playing in pro golf tournaments and building a client base of photography, they decided to build up an online business that allowed them to travel full-time. One year later, they’ve decided to up the ante and this year Brittany and Jordan are playing Golf Digest’s 100 Top Golf Courses in America.

A few things we talk about on this episode:

  • How Brittany and Jordan are able to go and play some of the most expensive public golf courses in the country (for free) by working with sponsors and doing work exchange with these courses
  • The struggle of figuring out where to spend your time while growing an online business (How much time should you be devoting to different social channels, video, etc)
  • What went into planning a trip to golf digest’s top 100 golf courses
  • Working/travel balance with your spouse

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Quotes from this episode:

“If you have a plan, you believe in yourself, and you want something, you should do it.  Even if it doesn’t turn out like you hoped, the experience that you are going to have and ultimately where you land is going to be far greater than if you had stayed doing something you were just okay with.”

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