Kimberly Travaglino

RVE 0042: How to Build and Grow a Membership Community with Kimberly from Fulltime Families

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Today on the podcast, I am interviewing Kimberly Travaglino.  In 2010, Kimberly and her husband Chris founded Fulltime Families, which is a website created to provide solutions to the questions and challenges of full time traveling families.

A few things we talk about on this episode:

  • How Kimberly built a membership site that she runs while traveling full-time
  • How she noticed a need for an educational resource for families who were traveling full-time
  • How to create micro streams of income

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Join Fulltime Families

If you’re interested in joining full-time families and attending some of their awesome rallies, Kimberly is hooking up listeners with a discount code! Go to and use the discount code “rventrepreneurs” when you’re checking out and one of your family members whille get access to a free rally from full-time families.

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Quotes from this episode:

“Your audience should be your most valuable asset and you should treat them like gold.”

“Just like your audience has challenges, the sponsors and the brands you are working with have challenges too. So, finding where those two challenges overlap to solve two problems at once is really the key to finding good, solid sponsorship opportunities.”

“Success looks like a Monday morning where I open my eyes, praise God for the health and happiness of the day we are going to have, and then do whatever I want with my day.”

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