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RVE 0032: Why Javazen’s Four Cofounders Spent 30 Days Driving Around the Country in an RV

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Today on The RV Entrepreneur I’m interviewing EJ and Ryan, two cofounders of Javazen Coffee (affiliate link). Javazen is a new kind of coffee that’s blended with superfoods and tea.

The Javazen team was talking with an investor who said if they really want to push their coffee in super markets, they needed to hit the road and go meet their customers face to face.

So they packed the whole company into an RV and coordinated a cross-country tour visiting Wegman Grocery Stores. Each day they’d roll into a new town, meet customers, share their product, and build new passionate fans.

I LOVE this.

In 2016 so much of start ups’ strategies are blogging, social media and inbound leads (all necessary and absolutely should be leveraged), but there’s something to be said about meeting customers face to face. I really believe it’s something SO undervalued in our current business culture and something I absolutely plan on doing with

A few things we talk about on this episode:

  • The importance of meeting face to face with customers
  • How driving an RV cross-country helped the Javazen team massively increase sales
  • How to coordinate a cross-country RV trip for cheap

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