From a six figure job to a zero figure blog

RVE 0021: From a Six Figure Job to a Zero Figure Blog: The Hard Part of Starting Anything on the Road

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Today on the podcast I sat down to talk with Sigfried from Sigfried was a software developer for more than 20 years, making over $100k and then decided he’d had enough with office politics and sitting inside an office all day. Towards the end of last year Sig and his wife hit the road and decided to try out the full-time RV lifestyle. They sold their house, bought an airstream and hit the road.

I first met Sig last fall on a google hangout from the Make Money & RV Facebook group. At the time, his game plan for generating an income on the road was going to be building software for clients (the same work he’d done for the past two decades). However, after hitting the road he decided he wanted to take a break from software.

Sigfried said that for most of his life he’s done the responsible thing. He’s had good jobs, saved up money, and now he wants to take a chance on pursuing work he really enjoys (writing content for his blog and video games).

“I think there is a time in life to be practical, and other times to follow your dreams. I’ve spent a good long time being practical and I’m of a mind to roll the dice on creativity and see what happens.”

What to do when your goals take longer than you think?

It’s been a little over six months since Sig and his wife hit the road. At this point, he hoped to have more passive income flowing in from his blog, but it’s virtually non existent.

A lot of the people I’ve interviewed on this podcast have somewhat figured out the whole RV Entrepreneur thing. They already have some form of successful small business they are running from the road. But with Sig, he’s not there yet. He’s in the trenches. I decided to interview him before he’s “made it” as a remote entrepreneur because it paints a more realistic edge to some of the conversations we have on this podcast.

Sometimes when you’re talking with people who have already started a successful business, they tend to paint a rosy picture that seems too good to be true. But when you’re talking to someone who’s currently working to make it happen, it’s real and in the moment. The pain of setbacks are raw and haven’t quite healed yet. There’s a little bit more doubt, which makes our conversation all the more real.

In today’s episode we talk about:

What to do when you decide to save all your money, hit the road in an RV and then unexpectedly have to pay off $30k in taxes (which eats a large amount of your savings)?

What happens when you are six months into starting a new business on the road and you haven’t earned a dime?

Why Sigfried decided to leave behind a six figure job to travel full-time in an Airstream.

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