Finance the RV Lifestyle as a Musician

RVE 0019: How to Finance the RV Lifestyle as a Musician

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Most of the people I’ve interviewed on this podcast have made their living in some kind of online business. However, not everyone spends their days working on the computer.

Today on the show I’m interviewing a couple of musicians that go by Winnie Brave, aka Amy and Brad, who describe themselves as a “soulful composite of roots and folk”. They are a husband and wife band that just recently got off a 4-month tour around the US in their… wait for it, 1976 Winnebago Brave! This is the Winnebago Brave classic RV that Alyssa’s and my retro version is modeled after.

Today on the podcast we talk about:

  • Whether or not you can make an income as a traveling musician
  • What process you have to go through in preparing for a cross-country tour
  • How Brad and Amy found and renovated two of their classic RV’s and custom designed them for musician life on the road
  • Why Brad believes traveling across America is the best way to connect with fans and build a following as a musician
  • All the components of building a brand as musicians

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