From dog mushing to full-time RVing

RVE 0015: From Dog Mushing in Alaska to Full-Time RVing

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In this episode of The RV Entrepreneur podcast I sat down with Chris Badgett to talk about his transition from dog mushing in Alaska to full-time RVing.

I think Chris’ has one of the crazier stories from people who I’ve interviewed on the podcast. As of today, Chris runs a 15 person company out of his teardrop RV called Lifter LMS. But not long ago, he was up in Alaska working as a sled dog tour guide.

In this episode of the RVE podcast we talk about:

  • The four limiting beliefs Chris had to overcome before starting his business
  • The tipping point for quitting his dog mushing gig
  • How his company, Lifter LMS, is helping people start online businesses teaching what they love
  • What constitutes having “a real job”

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2 Responses

  • Heath! You are so good at this!
    Each Podcast episode is better than the other.

    I love how you translate from story to personal reasons on why all of these lifestyle entrepreneur choose their path to freedom.
    You really sound genuine in the way you interview people.

    You know you are on to something right?? 🙂
    Even your (newly) promoted products are well presented!

    I’ve been a full time traveler and entrepreneur for the past 2 years and I still get so much out of all your podcasts and blog posts. And I listen to a LOT of podcasts.

    I admire Chris for running a 15 people business from the road.
    Having employees is a lot of work and dedication.
    I work with a few freelancers and it takes a good chunk of my already limited time.

    The idea of launching an online school dedicated to entrepreneurs who want to learn skills that would let them travel is amazing.
    It’s the best idea I’ve heard since my girlfriend and I had the idea to have a kid!
    You guys HAVE to do it!

    • Chris!

      What an awesome comment man, thank you so much for taking the time to listen to the show and also leave such a thoughtful response!

      Means a lot coming from someone who has been living the life! 🙂

      If you have a minute sometime this week, would love a review from you in iTunes for the show (

      thanks again for listening!


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