From dog mushing to full-time RVing

RVE 0015: From Dog Mushing in Alaska to Full-Time RVing

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In this episode of The RV Entrepreneur podcast I sat down with Chris Badgett to talk about his transition from dog mushing in Alaska to full-time RVing.

I think Chris’ has one of the crazier stories from people who I’ve interviewed on the podcast. As of today, Chris runs a 15 person company out of his teardrop RV called Lifter LMS. But not long ago, he was up in Alaska working as a sled dog tour guide.

In this episode of the RVE podcast we talk about:

  • The four limiting beliefs Chris had to overcome before starting his business
  • The tipping point for quitting his dog mushing gig
  • How his company, Lifter LMS, is helping people start online businesses teaching what they love
  • What constitutes having “a real job”

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