Mark and his wife Gabby next to their RV

RVE 0014: 23 Year Old Mark Cuda Travels in an RV and Writes… Words?

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At certain points on the podcast we’ve talked about freelance writing for companies, but what the heck does that even mean? How do you become a freelance writer and can you actually make a decent income from doing it? In episode #14 of The RV Entrepreneur Podcast I sat down with Mark Cuda to chat about how he’s built up a business as a “content strategist”. This is a fancy word for freelance writer, but he does SO much more than just writing.

Mark creates an overall strategy (hence the word content strategist) for company websites, blogs, social media, email lists, and actually executes that plan for his clients. He’s done this well enough that he was able to take his business on the road full-time a little over a month ago.

Mark is also 23 years old and recently moved into his 2016 Winnebago RV. He came to visit me in Austin last week and promptly ripped off the awning on the side of his RV while pulling into our RV park, but we’ll table that discussion for another time (by “another time” I mean that this is the first thing we discuss on this episode).

In this episode of The RV Entrepreneur We Talk About:

  • How Mark ripped off his RV awning last week
  • How to find new clients as a content strategist
  • How much you can get paid writing for companies
  • Why Mark skipped college and also how he got into web design at 14 years old
  • How much will companies pay for a good copy editor

Thanks for listening!

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    • Hey Sharon! Yes we did in October! Here is a link about it! –>

      • I so want to do something like that for those of us who have had the 6 figure income in high tech( or whatever) and are facing retirement due to layoffs with no savings.
        I’d love to chat privately.

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