RVE 001: Welcome to The RV Entrepreneur Podcast!

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Welcome to episode 1 of The RV Entrepreneur!

Launching a podcast is something I’ve been working towards for a really, really long time. I couldn’t be more pumped to release my brand new, weekly podcast The RV Entrepreneur!

You can download episode one to your computer or click to listen above.

Why I created this podcast?

I created this podcast to be a resource for people who are considering making the leap to a more nomadic lifestyle, but are struggling to figure out how to build a remote income.

At 23 years old I had no idea it was possible to travel full-time while also building a career and business from anywhere in the country. It sounds like crazy talk. Yet, for the past 19 months my wife and I have done exactly that.

We’ve filmed our first documentary, found sponsorships, wrote freelance blogs, been paid to speak at conferences, created videos for clients, and ultimately kickstarted our careers… all while living out of our RV and traveling America.

But we aren’t the only ones, we’ve met a lot of other people who have skipped out on the conventional “40 hour per week job and mortgage” lifestyle for something more adventurous. These people aren’t being reckless and throwing caution to the wind, but are actually being diligent: paying off debt, building online businesses, practicing minimalism and intentionally creating a nomadic lifestyle.

The question is: How did they do it?

I’m constantly receiving emails from people who are trying to come up with ideas for how they can make the leap from a stationary job/living situation to a more free lifestyle. There are blogs an articles on this topic all over the Internet– I’ve even wrote some, but there was no central place to really learn how to build an income on the road.

That’s where The RV Entrepreneur Podcast comes in.

Every week we will break down how different people have sold their belongings, bought an RV, started a business, and ultimately created epic lives for themselves and their family.

What is The RV Entrepreneur podcast all about?

The RV Entrepreneur will be a weekly podcast that airs every Thursday. Inside each episode I’ll sit down and interview full-time RVers who have created incomes and businesses while traveling all over America.

A few things we will cover inside each episode will be:

  • How they made the transition into the full-time RVing lifestyle
  • How they bring in monthly revenue and how others can learn to do the same
  • The biggest challenges to working while on the road
  • The best parts about living in an RV and being completely nomadic
  • How much money they saved up before hitting the road
  • What their monthly costs and income look like

We also cover some more logistical stuff like: health insurance, internet on the road, what kind of RV they drive, how many hours per week do they typically work, and much more.

Here is an outline of the first 6 episodes of The RV Entrepreneur Podcast:

  • Episode 1: Why I created The RV Entrepreneur, What You Will Get Out of It, and Who is it For?
  • Episode 2: Before Hitting the Road– Adam and Lindsey Share How They Built a Big Savings Account With Limited Income
  • Episode 3: Creating a Step by Step Plan to Hitting the Road with Nick from LivinLightly.com
  • Episode 4: Ditching Suburbia- Michael Boyink Talks Family Travel, Creating Multiple Income Streams, and the Ultimate Freedom
  • Episode 5: The Vintage Etsy Store– How This Casita Couple Works 2 Hours per Week and Brings in $2,000/month

A few links I mention in this first episode:

Action items:

Once iTunes approves my podcast I’ll provide a link for you to subscribe and leave a review. Thanks for listening to this first episode!

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  • Just looked her up! She looks awesome… will definitely be reaching out to her. Thanks for the tip!

  • Thanks for a great weekend, I down loaded your show from iTunes and listened to them as I mountain biked Saturday, then on the way home from our trip I shared them with my wife…the 3-hour trip flew as we listened to episodes 10-12 talking about all the possibilities we have when we finally pull the trigger and go full time. Looking forward to hearing more of your shows and the time we’ll always home.
    I do have an idea for one of your shows, we put on house concerts at our place and one couple lives in their RV full time while they spread their music across the states…think you would love talking to them.

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