RVE 225: Switching Careers & Finding Remote Work with Resume Lezlie

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Finding remote work can be intimidating—especially if you’re looking at a career change.

In today’s episode, Heath is interviewing Lezlie Garr or “Resume Lezlie” on finding remote work. This is something we haven’t covered much on the podcast—because never in my seven years of being an entrepreneur has someone asked for my resume—but with so many people wanting to find remote work on the road, we wanted to bring Lezlie on to share some tips.

You’ll hear Heath & Lezlie discuss the process she walks clients through when they want to switch careers and find remote work, how to stand out as an applicant, and where to focus your attention during the job search. Plus Heath shares how many replies he got to his last job posting when Campground Booking was hiring. (Spoiler: it was a LOT.)

Today’s episode is sponsored by ID Plans (and it’s actually less of a sponsorship than it is an opportunity). ID Plans is a software and service company based in Tampa Florida that provides solutions for property managers.  Over the past 20 years ID Plans has been able to hire a number of full-time RVers who help survey commercial properties and they are currently looking to hire 3-5 more additional RV teams.

I’ve seen a lot of companies who hire RVers, and this is one that you can make a near full-time income almost immediately. You’ll receive training for the software, be able to park your motorized RV right on the job sites, and run the whole business from your RV.

You can request more information at [email protected].

Heath & Lezlie also cover:

  • the process for figuring out what to do next when seeking a new career
  • Standing out as a job applicant
  • Where to focus your attention during the job search
  • The importance and value of networking
  • The “no-ask” way to make connections in your industry
  • What makes a career meaningful

Plus resume tips like how to choose keywords to include in your resume, why you should be specific in what you want, and how an ATS will filter your resume.

For more resources from Lezlie, you can visit her website resumelezlie.com/rve where she shares some free downloads and articles for you guys.