RVE 0028: Mike Wendland from Roadtreking.com And His Transition from Journalist to Travel Writer

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Today on the podcast I’m interviewing Mike Wendland from Roadtreking.com.

For over 40 years Mike was one of the world’s most traveled journalist. He has won over 18 Emmy awards, honors from the Associated press, he has reported all over the world and has a longtime running segment on NBC-TV since 1994 titled PC Mike which gets distributed to over 215 stations each week.

Five years ago he hit the road full-time with his wife Jennifer and started a little blog called Roadtreking to document his travels across North America. As of today, it’s become one of the most popular RV blogs on the internet as Mike shares stories from people all over the country and documents the RV lifestyle.

A few things we cover in this episode are:

  • How Mike accidently launched his second career with his roadtreking blog when he was actually supposed to be retired 
  • How he earns a full-time income from his blog
  • Why Mike believes that podcast are hands down the best form of communication
  • The story behind “PC Mike”, a weekly tech show that Mike has hosted on NBC-TV since 1994
  • How as a full-time traveler at 70 years old he’s more in tune with technology than ever before

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