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Getting Mail on the Road, Hiking, Playing with a Drone, and Wine

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In this week’s episode, we answer everyone’s burning question:

How do you get mail on the road?

(Plus other cool stuff like hiking on an 80-degree January day, kayaking with a drone, and camping with a winery next door)

But first! A testimonial about this episode:

“It was more interesting than I thought it would be.” -my 17-year-old sister




Pecan Park Riverside

We’ve been snowbirding at this RV park in San Marcos for most of the winter and we love it for a few reasons, namely the river access. But they also offer an indoor hot tub, indoor pool, lots of community events, and the wifi doesn’t suck. The staff is awesome and the winter weather is on average 65 degrees or warmer with lots of sunshine. Gosh, I love Texas.


Getting Mail on the Road


An actual great resource if you’re interested in mail forwarding is Escapees! They are by far the most popular mail forwarding service for RVers and I’ve never heard a bad thing about them. However, if you’re looking to get packages or checks mailed to you on the road, most RV parks will kindly accept your mail, as you saw in this video (tell them we sent you and we’ll get a small kickback!).

Other options include UPS stores which will hold packages for you (great for boondockers!) or Amazon lockers.


Parks in San Marcos

Five Mile Dam

This park is literally in the middle of a suburban neighborhood. There are tons of soccer fields and a playground, but the main attraction is the gorgeous waterfall created by the dam. However, there is not great hiking! We were disappointed, but will come back with kayaks to enjoy the river one day.

Purgatory Creek Natural Area

This park was so much bigger than we anticipated! Miles and miles of hiking trails abound, both in the sun and the shade. We only got lost/had no idea where we were going about seven times.

The paths are not well marked and we ended up hiking through a dry creek bed at one point (which is where we found the dismal Purgatory Creek), but we explored a few miles and really enjoyed it. The parking lot is almost hidden across the street from a Schlotzsky’s and easy to miss, but if you’re looking to get a healthy taste of nature in the middle of town, this is a great little escape.

Sewell Park (not seen in video)

Located just below Aquarena Springs, Sewell Park is the real start of the San Marcos River. Close to Texas State’s campus, it’s also the place for college kids to hang out on any given sunny day. If you’re looking for a grassy area to relax or want to toss your tube or kayak in the river, this is the place to be.

Tip from the locals: Park at the Lion’s Club before jumping in the water

Bicentennial Park (not seen in this video)

This small park in the heart of downtown San Marcos has a few short trails along Purgatory Creek. It’s a great place to walk your dog or go on a short adventure with Heath, who will talk about going to the ice cream shop the entire time you’re there.


If the popularity of Harvest Hosts has taught us anything, it’s that RVers want to be closer to alcohol at all times. (No?)

This campground is walking distance to Three Dudes Winery (as seen above). We tasted all four of their red wines for only $5/person and bought a bottle of the sweet Texas Red as Heath says, “Because we liked it.” He’s a great commentator, that guy.

That’s it for this episode of our vlog! What did you think? And what should we explore next?

Comment below and let us know 🙂 

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  • Great job! I like that it answers a practical question and also shows your adventures. Drone footage was pretty awesome, too. 🙂

      • Shawn (DH) has his heart set on one, too, but that $$$ purchase is waaaaaay down on the list of priorities. We hope to have it before we start doing the more “remote/scenic” adventures next year.

        • Haha we would get one sooner, but most national and state parks don’t allow drones and that’s where we spend most of our time!

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