Being In Love Is My Full Time Job

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Earlier this week, I blogged about how I quit my job. Knowing me better than I know myself, Heath emailed me a story I couldn’t keep to myself. He has a knack for articulating his thoughts that I deeply envy. Please enjoy and ooh and awwwwww over our love story.

The girl who was too busy.

By: Heath Padgett

Her name was Alyssa. A very sweet and pretty girl who made straight A’s and was adored by all. During high school she spent her nights cooking with her sister and friends or up in her room, tucked away and studying for a coming exam. She didn’t mind being left on her own, in fact, she preferred it at times. Growing up in a bustling household, she liked the space. When she grew up she wanted to work in an office and punch in numbers or syllables, or whatever was predictable and she could plan… that’s what she wanted. Her days were spent studying, planning, and hanging with friends, she didn’t have much time to do anything else. She was a girl who was too busy.

When college came around things didn’t change all that much. She went to class every day and made a 4.0. She found new friends and became heavily involved in the student activities at her University. Although the scenery had changed, she still carried much of the same thought process with her. She knew good grades were the key to being the best, so she did. Her schedule was so busy with planning and studying, she never quite had the time to do much else. That was okay with her, she liked the planning, the chaos… because it was predictable. Still, she was too busy.

One day a boy named Heath came along. Heath wasn’t predictable. Nothing in his life quite added up. He ran his own social impacting company in college and also played baseball. If that was not contradictory enough he was a jerk to girls, but not to Alyssa. From the first time they kissed, both of them knew it was different. It was different than any story they had lived before. Heath was used to spontaneity, he was used to long cross country road trips and riding on the wind. Alyssa was used to a daily schedule, which she upheld in the highest fashion. Heath rarely made it to class at all and certainly not on time, Alyssa was rarely late and never missed.

Although they knew it would be different, no one person could have predicted just how beautiful the outcome would be. It was like two people running in different directions, only to be caught in the middle and pulled together. Heath’s outlandish ways soon intertwined into Alyssa’s scheduled days and Alyssa’s tight calendar somehow managed to unwind itself into a more of a lazy Saturday morning kind of calendar. They both enjoyed it, they both loved it. Now, in addition to Alyssa’s daily schedule and planning, she had a boy to deal with. She was still the girl who was too busy.

Soon Alyssa graduated from college, taking a job in New Orleans. For the first time in her young life, she found spare time. It was a rare thing. She didn’t know quite how to handle this time. You see, her entire life she had done nothing but operate off of long scheduled days and running in line with what she was supposed to do. She now had autonomy over her life. At first things were difficult. But the more time she had to herself, the more she began to discover the girl she had been too busy to discover years ago. She found herself picking up new hobbies. It started with looking at Pinterest boards and then a spark struck. She started painting. She realized how deeply she loved to write. She had taken a little bit of time during school to blog, but now she was writing almost every day, and beautifully. She even began writing a book. The process of discovering who she was was not an easy one, yet she made the journey none the less. She was no longer the girl who was too busy.

You see, she needed to go away. She needed for once, for her life to not be on a schedule. She needed her mind to be freed from school systems and exams. She needed to leave her friends and family. Because all the times she was too busy, she never quite was able to find out who she really was. The new Alyssa paints, she reads, and she writes… she even sleeps in on Saturdays when the occasion calls for it. It is a beautiful thing, for Alyssa to no longer be too busy. The most beautiful thing of all is this story is not over, it is only the beginning.