heath and alyssa padgett livestream

Announcing HeathandAlyssa.com

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There’s nothing like a livestream video to capture how totally awkward, not funny, and embarrassing we are.

This week Heath and I launched HeathandAlyssa.com and we are beyond excited to combine our efforts and be a singular resource for RVers. Like with any marriage or business partnership, Heath and I are trying to utilize our best skills to make our blog better. I’m good at making and adhering to a schedule, Heath is good at providing great content.

You can still expect weekly podcasts from Heath (when I am the nagging wife/administrator and remind him that he is supposed to release a podcast each Tuesday) and you can still expect ridiculous, hilarious(?), and sometimes painful stories about our RV lifestyle from me.

What to expect in our first livestream:


  1. Announcing HeathandAlyssa.com, which you obviously already know about cause you’re on our website now.
  2. Announcing the release of our film, Hourly America! (Yay! It’s done!) If you haven’t heard of Hourly America, you can check it out here.
  3. Announcing the release of Heath’s book, The RV Entrepreneur (literally took me three tries to spell that correctly) which is based on his #1 ranked Travel podcast
  4. Answer to popular RVing questions about boondocking, water, finding free or cheap camping, our travel pace, our favorite travel moments
  5. Heath saying that the best thing in my life is himself. And then laughing hysterically at his own joke.
  6. This quote (thanks for documenting this one, DeWayne): “You interrupted me. Go ahead. But for the record I’m upset.”

Enjoy! Let us know your thoughts and RVing questions in the comments below!

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