RVE 223: Kara & Nate: A Case Study on Finding Success on Youtube

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In 2016, Kara and Nate set off for a year around the world, planning to vlog their adventures. They didn’t expect that four years later, they would have over a million subscribers, visit 100 countries, and have one of the most popular travel vlogs on all of Youtube.

This episode is pulled from our 2020 RV Entrepreneur Summit, just days after international travel began to close, so it’s recorded from a hotel room in Singapore. The RV Entrepreneur Summit is our annual conference for full-time travelers on how to build a business on their road and in their mainstage presentation, Kara and Nate break down how they turned making travel videos into their dream business.

In their talk, they share:

  • How travel hacking got them starting traveling for cheap
  • Year by year how much money they made on Youtube
  • The struggles and wins of growing their Youtube channel
  • Getting free experiences (and if they were worth it)
  • How they diversified their business
  • Their secret recipe for how to record videos now

AND how they ended up totaling 7 Vespas when they tried to run group tours in Italy.

One thing that I loved and I think you’ll appreciate is their transparency. They’ve always been very open and genuine on their Youtube videos, but in this episode, they really pull back the curtain and share how they went from vlogging full-time and losing money to making over $50,000/month with a million subscribers.

They do in their presentation refer to photos or screenshots a few times. If you want to see what they are talking about, you can watch the video of this presentation online here.

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