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RVE 0035: Why This Investor is RVing Across the Country Looking for Startups

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This is episode 35 of the RV Entrepreneur Podcast and we talk about why Paul Singh and Dana Duncan are RVing across the country looking for startups in small towns.

10 years ago if you wanted access to capital, you had to move to a big city where there was a bunch of investors. Now, the landscape is changing and startups are popping up in small towns all over the country.

This year, Paul is on a mission to highlight those small town startups and help connect them with capital.

Today’s episode of the RVE podcast I interviewed Paul Singh and Dana Duncan who are RVing across the country in their airstream on a Tech Tour. Paul is a previous partner of 500 Startups, a well known seed fund and network of startup programs and Dana has been an advisor to multiple coding schools across the country.

Paul Singh is RVing Across the Country

A few things we talk about today on the podcast today are:

  • How Paul is trying to connect investors with entrepreneurs in more rural parts of the United States
  • Why you no longer have to live in Austin, New York, or San Francisco in order to get access to funding
  • How Paul and Dana have adjusted after their first year of full-time RVing

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