RVE 105: How To Retire Early with Think Save Retire

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In this episode, I’m interviewing Steve Adcock (and Courtney) from Think Save Retire. Steve, is a former software developer and his wife Courtney is a soon-to-be-retired rocket scientist. Steve set a personal goal to retire at 40, but actually ended up retiring last year at the ripe age of 36 shortly after hitting the road in a 2005 Airstream. 

A few things we talk about in this episode:

  • What the heck is early retirement and how do you achieve it
  • Does early retirement meant that you don’t have to (or don’t want to) work?
  • How much you need to save for early retirement
  • The 4% rule and other financial nuggets of wisdom
  • How YOLO (you only live once) factors into your financial freedom

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This post contains affiliate links.