RVE 0024: Airstreams, RV Park Websites, and How to Price Client Projects With Rich Charpentier

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Today on the podcast I’m interviewing Rich Charpentier. Rich has a blog at the airstreamchronicles.com and owns a company called RLC Designs that focus on creating high end web design and SEO for RV parks and campgrounds. He’s been traveling in his airstream the past ten years while doing everything from professional photography to releasing his own digital products on the web.

A few things we talk about on today’s show are:

  • How to price client projects
  • Why Rich decided to buy an RV, quit his job and hit the road after he was diagnosed with a serious allergy condition
  • How Rich has built up a successful client-based business around designing RV park websites
  • How he finds new clients while on the road
  • Why if you’re doing client-based service work, you’re probably undercharging clients for the services you’re providing

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6 Responses

  • Wow! Can I ever relate to him on not being to eat pizza again. I have the same problem. Great interview on everything else 🙂

    • Thanks Sharon! That’s rough on not being able to eat pizza. Alyssa has the same issue. I just love pizza so much, would be hard for me!

      • LOL I actually consider pizza one of the basic food groups so my having to give it up has been traumatic! Love the podcasts 🙂 Keep it up. Loved this interview. Particularly of great interest to since I do websites, etc. like Rich does.

        • haha thank you! What kind of websites do you do? Are you working from the road as well?!

          • Haven’t started working on the road. Making plans like crazy. Been following you for 3+ months. Owned a website company with 4 people, sold it, and have just been doing some sites for writers/authors. Have really been focused on my book sales and writing new books. Really like the RV campground thought though. After listening to this podcast, I’m thinking about gearing up to do the websites again. Rich is great about making the point between time, value, and money.

          • I absolutely agree Sharon. He definitely got me thinking about the point between time, value and money. Important for any entrepreneur to think about who is working with clients.

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